Enjoy a Footcare Service that comes Directly to You!

An Idea is Born

Every business has a story - ours is no different. After a break from nursing, I found myself reflecting on my career and really questioning my desire to continue to work at the executive level for an organisation. I had the experience, the qualifications and the drive, so starting my own business was a logical move. I formed AssistU Nurse Consultancy and started supporting Aged care facilities in management tasks. I was struggling to find my absolute niche until, one night, whilst slumbering, I sat bolt upright and said "I am going to start a mobile footcare service called FEET2U". I then fell immediately asleep again. In the morning, I wake with a clear vision and purpose and that still motivates to do what I do every day. Call it what you may -perhaps divine intervention, I don't know, but something in my crazy head had sorted out my journey.  

Our First Employee

That would be me! Starting the business from scratch, not knowing a thing about running a company, sourcing goods or finding clients, it really was quite a task. Luckily I was surrounded by people who believed in me and my vision. If it was not for my mother's fine bookkeeping skills, plus her cooking, I doubt I would have survived the first year. I made every mistake in the book, but lived to tell the tale.

A 1000 Happy Toes

Thousands of toes later and we are still here and growing every day. We are busy exploring other ways to bring our services to those in need. We regularly attend Group Homes, hold clinics in Retirement Villages and venture out into the country for a clinic or too.

Today's Team

We currently have four wonderful Footcare Nurse Specialists (Pictured here) , all just waiting for the change to tickle your toes! When you call our service, the lovely Gwenda will be on the end of the line to take your enquiry.

The Lady at the end of the Phone

When you call us, you will be talking to the lovely Gwenda who will do her best to make sure we can get one of our fantastic team to your doos (and toes) as soon as possible.