Enjoy a Footcare Service that comes Directly to You!



For organisations delivering care to clients under the Home Care Package program, FEET2U services can included as part of your client's care regime. When you compare the cost of a Support worker's time, transport plus the consultation fee, it is cheaper for a client to have a home visit from FEET2U than it is for them to be taken out to have a visit to have their feet done. This can save valuable funds to be spent on other activities.

FEET2U is not currently an NDIS Service provider but Self-managed and Plan-managed clients can utilise our services. Accounts can also be sent directly nominated persons.

FEET2U can also be funded under transitional and short term packaged with approval.

Unfortunately, we cannot be covered under the Medicare CDM funding.  


FEET2U offers an affordable and reliable Footcare service to Residential Aged care facilities. Our service is totally self sufficient and needs minimal input from facility staff. Residents receive care in their own rooms on a schedule managed by the attending Footcare Nurse. For clients outside of our scope or in need of Podiatry care, our nurses will refer on to the relevant practitioners. Generally, FEET2U can safely maintain the foot health for up to 90% of residents.

We also offer an education program for carers in basic footcare.


Anyone can self refer to FEET2U services. Currently our clients range from 9 years old to 103! Two feet is all you require and we can even help you with fingernail care if that is an issue.

As we are a privately funded organisation, we, unfortunately are not able to offer pensioner rates but we believe our costs are very reasonable. If you do have any concerns re the cost, we are happy to discuss some options that may keep costs to a minimum.  

We offer discounts for group and also conduct very affordable clinics at some locations. Why not get a group of friends together and get a discount. Any excuse for scones and tea!


FEET2U offers a range of educational services for groups and organisations. We are happy to give presentations on foot health to any day centre or social groups and can tailor the content to your target group.

FEET2U also offers on line and on site training for care staff in basic footcare.  

In 2020, coinciding with the launch of our franchise, we will be offering a comprehensive training program for Registered Nurses to become Footcare practitioners. This course will be aligned with American Certification standards with the aim of becoming the "go to" training for Footcare Nurses in Australia. We want to raise the profile and credibility of the field and ensure our inclusion in the health continuum.